Disposable Root Servers

Disposable Root Servers

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Oct 14, 2022 11:17 AM
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Unlimited, free and dedicated Kali Linux Root Shells - readily set up for hackers. Traffic via VPNs. Accessible directly or via TOR. NO LOGZ.

We love to research, explore, play and tinker. This journey almost always starts on a Linux Root Shell. Let this be the start of your journey. Use SSH and connect:

ssh [email protected] # Password is 'segfault'

Every SSH connection spawns a new Root Server for you to use. Check out the release page for more information and what you can do with it.

It allows anyone to use a disposable linux root server. The Server only exists while you are logged in. It self-destructs after log out. It comes with many many features. Here are just a few:

  • Encrypted Filesystem (only you know the password to unlock it).
  • Over 8GB of the finest hacking/coding tools pre-installed.
  • Outbound traffic is routed via a selection of constantly rotating VPN peers.
  • Encrypted DNS.
  • Reverse Port Forwards (forget ngrok. This is free & better).
  • Your server will self-destruct on log out (and all data & traces will get wiped).

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This is for hackers and coders who like to experiment on a fresh and clean Linux Server that is safely connected to the Internet. It shall be used for good purposes only.

As hackers1, we have no interest in money or financial gains. We do not care if our research is liked or disliked, used or discarded. We are here for the journey. To learn and to push the limits and seek the unknown. We research for the sake of researching.

This is a free service. THC asks for nothing in return but encourages you to join our Telegram Channel. Take part in the discussions, share your knowledge and ask your questions.


This is the resurrection of our 1997 'segfault.net' root server. The server of '97 served as a stepping stone for many hackers, coders and researchers. It's where we hosted phrack, Team Teso, HERT, Hack in the Box, the first encrypted IRC network and many others.

I shut it down in 2019. Now it's back.

Better, faster, more secure and as a cloud service - for anyone to enjoy.

Is it safe?

Nobody ever got arrested for choosing segfault.net.

  1. Do not confuse hackers with criminals. Somebody who uses hacking techniques to commit a crime is not a hacker. He is a criminal. The same way that somebody who uses an axe to murder is not a lumberjack. Criminals disgust us.